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The Petition to Ratify

The Reclamation Amendment

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Book I, 2nd Edition

Table of Contents


Everything about this website is of, by and for We the People,

first, foremost and forever.


Now, based on The Reclamation Manifesto:


  1. This is What is Wrong with America today.

  2. This is How We Fix It

  3. This is Our Vision of the future.

  4. This is How We Get There.





 The federal government of the United States was created by We the People’s Constitution.

We the People created it and We the People have the inalienable right to amend it if We so choose.


We ask every American of voting age to read and sign the

Petition for the Ratification of the Reclamation Amendment.

It is simply the first in a recommended series of steps





Establish We the People as the fourth branch of the government

Proactively nullify any action of the other branches if We deem it to be unconstitutional.

Retroactively nullify all aspects of existing law that infringe on the inalienable rights of We the People.


Re-establish Common Law as the law of the land

We the People live within common law jurisdiction

never to be superseded by any other body of law.


Eliminate the doctrine of Corporate Personhood

Corporations do not enjoy the inalienable rights of We the People

in any way, manner, shape or form.

Citizens United and all such rulings are null and void!


Eliminate government debt

Any and all debts hidden from the people are null and void.

Any debts related to the Revolutionary War are null and void.

All other debts need to be revalidated.


And more...


Then comes

The Monetary Reform Act

Cripples the International Banking Cartel in the United States of America.

Resolves the National Debt, The Federal Reserve and our Fiat Currency.

And so much more!


Followed by

The Original 13th Amendment

Ratified and disappeared.

The teeth for the existing constitutional bans on

"titles of nobility" and "honors."

Gets the thieves out of the government and out of the country.



And more...


After Reclamation comes

The development of a new hybrid economy

comprised of

Two new forms of capitalism.


The new economy plus obvious solutions to current problems

will be found in


Book II

"The Transformation of America"

(currently being written)



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