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This is How We Fix It!

  • We submit and have The Reclamation Amendment ratified.

  • We enact some variation of the Monetary Reform Act                (End of The Federal Reserve, End of Fiat Currency and more).

  • We re-institute the Original 13th Amendment.

  • We repeal the 16th and 17th Amendments.

The Reclamation Amendment

“This Constitution is fully rooted in Common Law and as such fully empowers the People, the citizens, of these United States of America. Such empowerment is inviolable under any and all conditions. The inalienable rights of We the People are inalienable and apply only to an individual as defined in the next paragraph.

People, persons, human beings are individual sentient biological entities that are rooted in spirituality, no more, no less. Spirituality relates to alternative dimensions of existence of what is known as life and which is a part of the world of metaphysics. Such world does not necessarily have anything whatever to do with the existence or non-existence of a god or gods.

Such belief in a god or gods is an individual and/or group belief that this Constitution fully supports as well as the practice thereof, if any, so long as such practice is not detrimental to the nation or in opposition to any part of this Constitution. Further, this Constitution does not embrace, nor will it support, any such belief or practice in any way, manner, shape or form.

Any and all amendments to this Constitution, past, present and future, shall be considered as rooted in Common Law in full empowerment of the people and, this particular amendment, in its entirety and in its full meaning, can never be modified by amendment to this Constitution or by any other vehicle of change in any way, manner, shape or form unless approved by two-thirds of the People at a new constitutional convention.

Further, this Constitution under Common Law, of, by and for the People, shall always and forever be the primary legal jurisdiction, of, by and for the People, superseding all other legal jurisdictions and bodies of law.

As of the date, hour and minute of ratification of this Amendment, the Federal Government of the United States shall be dissolved and any contracts, agreements, etc. that may have been hidden or withheld from the sovereign People of the sovereign states shall be abrogated and made non-existent. The new Federal Government of the United States shall be resurrected from the old in the blink of an eye and begin its new life free of any and all encumbrance. Based on the aforesaid, valid claims from valid entities may be reinstated.

Any Agreements, constitutional in form or otherwise, that the Federal Government entered into to make reparation to England, Great Britain or The Crown for the Revolutionary or subsequent wars or conflicts between the two nations are null and void.

Concurrent with the resurrection of the Federal Government, the People, the citizens of the United States shall become as the fourth branch of the government: The Oversight Branch. This Oversight Branch shall be headed by a parliament elected by We the People. Such parliament shall consist of one representative for every million citizens based on the most recent census and comprising all the States of the Union.  The duty of the Parliament is to approve or disapprove by a simple majority of those present any act put forth by the Executive, Legislative, or Judicial branches of the government which may conceivably have the force of law. Any disapproval is the Doctrine of Nullification in practice. All rules, regulations and methods with regard to the functioning of the Parliament, the election of its members and their term of service are expressly reserved to the People. Parliament shall present and the People shall vote. The initial members of Parliament shall be selected by the various state governments apportioned according to population and put before the people of the respective states for a vote.

In making its determinations, the People’s Parliament must ensure that all other branches of the Federal Government properly interpret all the various elements of this constitution. Proper interpretation is described as follows:

Be as expansive in your interpretation of the various clauses contained in the constitution as you desire so long as you do not infringe in any way manner shape or form on the unalienable rights and/or sovereignty of any state or individual and the constitutionally granted powers of the four defined branches of the government. Specifically with regard to the four defined branches, if this document does not say you can, you cannot! And, if it says you cannot, you cannot!

The new Federal Government of the United States is what it is according to this constitution which is tempered by this Amendment. No seemingly representative alias, legal or otherwise, can ever supersede the government herein defined in any way manner, shape or form unless approved by two-thirds of the People at a new constitutional convention.”


Copyright © 2010, 2011,2012 by Sidney Skolnick

All Rights Reserved Worldwide



Intent of the Reclamation Amendment


This amendment re-establishes the complete and utter sovereignty of We the People en masse. It further establishes We the People as the fourth branch of the government; the Oversight Branch to serve as the final check and balance with regard to anything put forth by any of the other three branches that might conceivably have the force of law.


The Patriot Act, Homeland Security, the NDAA and any and all other legislation, acts, fiats, orders, memoranda etc. that may have the force of law to any degree and which infringe in any way, manner, shape or form on any of We the People’s inalienable rights, shall be stripped of all infringements of such rights without exception.


This Amendment represents the absolute end to the doctrine of Corporate Personhood and any and all activities and unknown contracts and agreements forged by the government that might ever infringe on the power and sovereignty of the several States and We the People. No longer can the System of Jurisprudence be used to contravene the Constitution or the lives of the American People. No longer can the Federal Government and the Courts collude to deceive the American People. Common Law is the Law of the Land.


The nature and practice of religion is put in the proper perspective as regards a secular form of government. The United States is not a religious state! No law shall respect or disrespect any religious establishment or the adherents thereto so long as the religious establishment does not disrespect the law.


Anyone elected to a position of service of, by and for We the People may exercise whatever their beliefs, religious or otherwise. However, the one thing they must do is to put the needs and desires of We the People first, foremost and forever. In that regard, the oath of office to be taken must require absolute fealty to We the People before swearing to uphold We the People’s Constitution. The breaking of the oath of office, which goes to the very heart of our nation, is treason. 


As the Reclamation Amendment defines what We the People really are, in essence, you will notice that there is no room for the inclusion of any kind of artificial person or entity such as a corporation. The elimination of the concept or doctrine of corporate personhood by not going into a discussion of different venues or views or slants or takes on the issue is representative of the exercise of common sense; you are a person or you are not. Common sense eliminates the necessity of insane detail and the aforementioned is indicative of the manner in which common sense will be injected into the rewriting of our laws as well as any future legislation.


Freedom of the Press and the People’s right to know are inviolable. Following ratification, the major media corporations will be split up. Stringent guidelines will be established as regards location and type of media to minimize control and ensure our press remains free. Such guidelines will be enforced without exception and compromise.  



How to get the Amendment Ratified


The objective is to get the Amendment and it's ratification on the ballot in all 50 states for November. If passed by at least three quarters (75%) of the states, Washington would be in a bind. We the People are still sovereign under international law and We and Our nation states would be choosing to amend Our constitution. Short of waging war against We the People, Washington would have to acquiesce. Now let us say that the majority of the people in 75% of the states did not vote to ratify the amendment, we still have an alternative. If at least two thirds of all the people across state lines voted for ratification then it shall be considered as ratified.


The bottom line is that there is nothing in this Amendment that can hurt any one of We the People in any way. Is it worth two minutes of your time to save the nation? Is it worth two minutes of your time to put this government back in its proper place relative to We the People just as our Founders intended it to be? You bet it is! All you have to do is read the Petition and sign it!


Two minutes of your time to save a nation. Two minutes of your time to prevent an armed revolution. Read the Petition and sign it! Spread the word! Let's go viral and begin a nationwide push to get it on the ballot in all 50 states in time for the election. In the worst case situation, we continue to get signatures. Numbers count and huge numbers speak volumes and carry weight. This is ongoing until ratification and reclamation of the government.



If you would like to help in some way with this effort,

please email us at volunteer@reclamationprojectX.org.

Let us know in which state you live and any thoughts you may have.




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