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Our Vision of the Future


NOTE to the Reader: Some of the following has been misperceived; an indication that I did not explain things properly. It is being rewritten.

The New America that we foresee will be a nurturing environment: One that fully supports individual actualization; the ability to unleash oneself and truly be all that one can be. This new model will result in the evolution of a caring society that leads to the greatest ever explosion of national creativity that will elevate everyone and everything. This creative explosion will be the insurance that the American experience becomes one of total fulfillment for the people and the nation. The actualization process will be a part of the educational process which will be controlled by the states yet subject to certain guidelines as a result of national economic requirements. All of this is unlike the Zeitgeist movement and others of its ilk which are looking to create a technocracy, the essence of the new world order that we are nipping in the bud. The essence of what we foresee is all about the higher nature of humanity and spirituality.


The New America will support its people to a minimum dignified standard with its new hybrid economy. All will be free to pursue their dreams, to discover their talents and contribute to society. As a result of the creative explosion, new products, services, ways of doing things will be of a much higher caliber and the best available in a continuing process of making all things better at reasonable cost for the people and the nation.


We would, of course, make these new “things” available to the world at large for a fair and reasonable price. In return we would simply ask for the same consideration with regard to our purchases. Our desire and intent and perhaps our insistence that all our dealings be fair and reasonable would have its roots in the national creative explosion. Can you see the strength and the impact this will have on the lives of We the People and the rest of humanity for that matter? This is simply global trade of, by and for We the People and all the other peoples of the world; yet another reason why the focus is always on people, first and foremost.


Part of the new hybrid economy will be the New Socio-Capitalist Economy which will be built around the new People’s Bank and Market Groups. Taken together, this is the Business and Financial engine that will function with trade driving currency and not the other way around. This New Economy, which will take time to fully evolve, will ultimately provide for all the people’s entitlements (constitutional and moral).


The nature of the Socio-Capitalist engine (the economics thereof) is such that it will continue to expand and grow and add to the wealth of We the People while moderating the costs of living and providing the requisite entitlements, a small example of which is quality health care/wellness for all. The actual development of the Market Groups will foster creation and maintenance of a great many new small and mid-size companies that will help to eliminate unemployment and reduce the cost of living for the American Public. The cross currents of its growth will feed on itself in support of all related businesses and people. Trade, the key aspect of the Market Groups, will serve as the primary funding source for the People’s Bank. The People’s Bank will become the People’s Fiduciary as well as some metric of the New Economy itself which will ultimately serve to back a New Monetary system in concert with precious metal(s). Ergo, one aspect of our new currency will actually be based on the state of the new economy.


Today’s Keynesian Capitalist economy will be transformed into an economy based on Natural Capitalism which will serve two key purposes: ecological sustainability and additional funding of the People’s Bank based on the simple premise that all the natural resources of this nation inure to We the People. Individuals will be free to pursue their dreams in the new Natural Capitalist Economy or the Socio-Capitalist Economy or both. All will have a choice.


The federal government will have been put back in its proper place and be responsive to and solicitous of We the People. The balance of power envisioned by the Founders will be restored and under control as the new oversight branch, the People’s Parliament, will be in place. Laws enforcing higher ethical standards based on common sense will be in place and trust will begin to displace distrust. The nature of the newly evolving society will serve to essentially preclude corruption in the new oversight branch. The newly evolving Natural Capitalism will be more than able to provide the federal government with the resources necessary to fulfill its constitutionally mandated prerogatives and the legal requirement of corporations to enrich their investors.


The balance will have been found between mother earth, capitalism, democracy and the sovereignty of We the People, the States and the Federal Government. The national infrastructure will be rebuilt. The energy conundrum and its national security implications will be resolved and continue to evolve towards free energy while in the process providing employment for a great many people. All off-shore drilling will cease as our own land based resources are exploited and green options are employed. The price of energy will come down substantially. The National Debt will be gone. Clean air and water will be and the 50 States and We the People will have regained our full and complete sovereignty.


Research and development will be supported by all sectors to focus the nation’s creativity to engender longer and healthier lives for the people, to establish simpler, less expensive and more secure ways to provide energy, to transport people and goods, to secure the nation and the people and so much more. All research, across the board will address the big picture. We will step up from the tree to the forest and beyond. We will pursue the harnessing of energies that are extant throughout the universe. We will seek to harness and apply all aspects of electro-magnetic fields, light and vibration. We will utilize the Earth’s magnetic field and the properties of the upper atmosphere. We will revisit the writings, inventions and patents of Nicola Tesla and others of that ilk. We will go where our creativity takes us. The potential economic impact of new discoveries will be filtered through to all educational systems to sustain, maintain and grow the hybrid economy on a continuing basis. Change will be embraced and no new advancement will be quashed because it hurts corporations or a business sector. In the new hybrid economy, corporations will have to be nimble. [See Postscript Below]


Most of our overseas bases will be closed. Our men and women in uniform will be coming home to be redeployed to their respective state militias where they ought to be used to secure our borders. The whole of the issue surrounding immigration and illegal immigrants will have been resolved. Our higher level military leadership, while representing We the People, will remain under the auspices of the federal government to deal with any rapid response situations that may arise. Military training and readiness will be a symbiosis between the states and the federal government. The Military-Industrial complex will be focusing on the creation and deployment of failsafe defensive umbrella systems that will eliminate any and all incoming by air and sea (above and below) until such time as we are able to enforce the end of war on a global basis by rendering all aggression harmless. Our intelligence apparatus will be restructured and foreign intervention will be eliminated. The focus will be on gathering information strictly from beyond our borders. Any covert operations beyond our borders will have to be approved in advance by the new oversight branch. Domestic surveillance will be eliminated. All people and goods, indeed anything arriving from beyond our borders will be subject to the highest level of security procedures with no exceptions. Freedom within our borders will be assured as will protection from without.


There will be an ongoing effort to restructure and simplify legal jurisdictions and their respective bodies of law while injecting common sense throughout. All laws on the books will be subject to rewrite to simplify, inject common sense and render them easily understood by the general public. All law will be readily available to the general public. The Court system will now be transparent and focused on providing equal justice for all. With regard to domestic tranquility, there will now be People’s Courts, local (neighborhood) jurisdictions to take care of minor issues/problems. Larger jurisdictions will take care of more major issues/problems, and so on up to the Supreme Court. The Courts of the several States, though, will now be sovereign as far as determining whether a particular issue/problem represents federal jurisdiction.


We the People’s Constitution of the United States of America will have been amended to assure its primacy as well as to assure, insure and facilitate all of the above. The United States of America will have become the truest bastion of freedom and once again be the light and envy of the world.


Copyright © 2011, 2012 by Sidney Skolnick

All Rights Reserved Worldwide


[Revised April 17, 2012, July 27, 2012]




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