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Our Founders


          Sidney Skolnick

  • Sculptor and Poet, Author and Creative Problem Solver

  • Visionary

  • Former Corporate Executive & Entrepreneur

  • Systems Generalist with specialties in

    Systems Analysis & Design and Universal Structure Concepts.

  • Passions: Injustice & Beauty.

  • Favorite Quote: Simplicity, Simplicity, Simplicity – Henry David Thoreau.

          Daniel Turrentine

  • A Product of the Sixties.

  • Artist, Poet, Writer

  • Student of History, Business, Electronics

  • Past Entrepreneur & Blue Collar Worker

  • A Common Man with Uncommon Abilities


Our Mission


Reclamation Project X was set up to serve as the vehicle by which the American people can reclaim their government. The Project's mission is to “Educate, Motivate and Effectuate” as follows: 


  • Educate We the People about what really is wrong with our nation and our government so as to

  • Motivate We the People to take the actions necessary to

  • Effectuate the changes necessary for We the People to reclaim our government and transform the nation back to what our Founders intended; a democratic republic with a "lean and mean" government that puts the interests of We the People first and foremost.

We will accomplish this by using the “Reclamation Manifesto - The Blueprint for the New America” as a guide. The Manifesto

  • Discusses everything that is wrong with this nation and how it all came to be.

  • Explains what must be done to right the wrongs and insure that they never happen again.

  • Puts the sovereign people of this nation back on top where we belong.

  • Presents many new and bold ideas for transforming the nation’s socio-economic system, political system and legal system.

  • Presents obvious solutions for all major outstanding issues.

  • Ties everything together simply and smoothly.

To put things in perspective:


            The Reclamation Manifesto is the Blue Print for the New America;

            Reclamation Project X is about the Transformation of America.


The Project is all about We the People and Our Constitution. It is all about We the People re-establishing our sovereignty and our freedom. It is all about Our future and Our children's future and Our children's children's future...


We need all of you to share your thoughts, your feelings and your ideas. We are all Americans and we need you to all work together. We need you to spread the word and we need your support.


We are very needy because it will take 44 million supporters to make the kind of impact that is necessary to begin the transformation!


Thank you for reading "About Us." We hope that you like what we are about. We hope that you will like "Our Vision." We hope that you will support us by joining with us to help effectuate the necessary changes.



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