The Reclamation Amendment


(The Abbreviated Version)


●   The absolute end to the doctrine of Corporate Personhood. A corporation is not a person. It does not have inalienable rights such as We the People. All Supreme Court decisions such as Citizens United are null and void.

●   The Patriot Act, Homeland Security, the NDAA and any and all other legislation, acts, fiats, orders, memoranda, treaties, contracts, etc. that may have the force of law to any degree and which infringe in any way, manner, shape or form on any of We the People’s inalienable rights shall be stripped of all infringements without exception. We the People's inalienable rights are indeed inalienable.

●   Any debts assumed by the federal government in any guise that have essentially been hidden from We the People are no longer valid and not recognized. Any verbal or written agreements, constitutional or otherwise, obligating the U.S. Government to make reparations to Great Britain, England, The Crown or any related entity for any of the early wars or conflicts between the two nations are null and void.                   


●   The United States is a nation of free people.

●   We the People, individually, are free to be whoever and whatever we are.

●   We are free to do whatever  we want to do.

●   We are not free to infringe upon or interfere with the rights of another person.

●   Common Law is the law of the land superseding any other body of law.


●   We the People are the true sovereign and Our sovereignty is absolute.
●   The States are sovereign and the Federal Government is sovereign as well, in that order.
●   We the People now have the final say with regard to the constitutionality of any law.
●   We the People are the final check and balance.

●   The United States is not a religious state.
●   No law shall respect or disrespect any religion or the adherents thereto.
●   No religion or adherent thereto may disrepect any law.

●   High human values, as manifest in the higher morality and ethics professed by the great Western religions and Eastern beliefs, is what all individuals and groups ought to aspire to. Their proscriptions and concepts as regards Man to Man relationships are similar and transcend religion.



The ratification of the Reclamation Amendment is supported by:


John Albert Dummett, candidate for President of the United States


Joe Goldner, candidate for Congress from Florida's 20th CD


Many National and Local Patriotic Organizations

and Citizens of the United States


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