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February 8, 2013 



Reclamation Project X is pleased to announce the launch of Think Tank X. TTX is a private organization dedicated to developing new and unique solutions to the problems that ail this nation and the world. TTX is all about the “Absolute Betterment of the Human Condition” as its focus is on family, the family of man.  

In terms of what ails these United States of America, TTX is not out to provide ideas on how to solve specific issues but to provide comprehensive solutions to root problems along with the requisite implementation plans. These solutions will not be the result of insular thinking from within the tank but will incorporate the thoughts and ideas of those from without in a massive networked collaborative effort with We the People. TTX’s only ideology is no ideology.  

TTX will also be creating the World of Tomorrow; what ought to be and how to get there. TTX recognizes that the primary purpose of an economy is to provide all the people of a given society with all the basic human needs while its secondary purpose is to provide the facility for any additional creature comforts and life experiences that each individual chooses to pursue for themselves. Society, for its part, must manifest the highest aspirations of morality, ethics, common sense and wisdom. When it comes to government, law and religion, it is necessary to repeat that TTX’s only ideology is no ideology. This effort too will be collaborative by engaging people’s from all nations who are able to do so.  

When it comes to the needs, desires and innate rights of the people’s of the world, there are no boundaries. All that Think Tank X endeavors to do will be imbued by its very heart and soul which simply puts people first and foremost. The rules of engagement for the people of the United States and the rest of the world will be established and published as Think Tank X moves along its preordained trajectory.


October 20, 2012

My Fellow Americans:

Following are the broad strokes of what I see as the New or Renewed America since we are 220 years down the pike.

Objective: The absolute betterment of the human condition.

The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are the foundation on which everything that follows rests. This is all about the people, first, foremost and forever. The purpose of the Economy, Society, Government and the Law is to serve the people. The well-being of the people is paramount.

In terms of the big picture, those four elements (economy, etc.) can be viewed as frames. It is a picture in which morality, ethics and common sense must be elevated and exercised as they are critical themes that run throughout.

The Economy must provide for all the people. The tail that wags the dog in today’s world is currency driving trade. In the natural order of things trade comes first. We must therefore set up a system of barter that recognizes that different things are valued differently by different people. Currency therefore is nothing more than a means to support the relative valuation of things. This truism actually changes the whole nature of banking and finance. Now, our current form of cannibalistic capitalism must give way to Natural Capitalism which recognizes all four types of capital: human, financial, manufactured and natural. We must, at the same time, create an economic system that supports the less well off among us. This will of necessity be a different form of capitalism that will over time become self supporting and represent an economy unto itself. Once there it can begin to provide the necessities of life for all.

Society must be spiritually elevated to help support the growth of each and every individual. The objective here is for each individual to truly become all that they can be in order to best serve others and the nation as a whole in their own unique way. This would truly be an all for one and one for all as all are free to be who and what they choose to be. 

Government shall be nothing more than a facilities manager serving the health and well being of all the people according to the rules laid out in an amended constitution. 

The Law itself must be insulated from governmental and political interference. Existing laws and the administration thereof must be simplified and injected with common sense. All laws and any and all documents with the force of law that infringe on the inalienable rights or sovereignty of the people must be struck down.

Issues such as Immigration, Health/Wellness, Education, Energy, National Security and the Democratic Process are subordinate to individual or multiple frames of the big picture. All will be naturally transformed within the new views that were just presented.

In order to create a detailed working blueprint of all of the above (call it the grand solution if you will) I am looking to bring together players representing all key aspects of the political and ideological spectrum to sit down as a group, dispense with all individual labels other than “American” and come to an agreement on a structured set of broad strokes in the form of principles. From there we create a series of hierarchical and relational think tanks and work out the details. Regular and frequent interactive discussion panels will be held to engage the general public and keep them informed of the progress. The resultant New or Renewed America will truly be a creation of We the People.

Let a fractured world see how the American people peacefully reclaim their sovereignty and exercise their own self-determination against a government run amok.



Copyright © 2012 by Sidney Skolnick

All Rights Reserved Worldwide



October 10, 2012

My Fellow Americans:

The greatest mind of the 20th century belonged not to Albert Einstein but to Nicola Tesla. He invented the radio, not Marconi. He invented electricity, not Edison. He understood and invented so many things that were viewed as a threat to corporations and the government that his patents and inventions just disappeared under wraps by the government. His lab in New York City was even burned down and all his papers disappeared.

Tesla was a humanist not a capitalist. He wasn’t interested in making money. He was interested in serving humanity. His gifts were astounding. He understood things far beyond Einstein. He knew how to harness anti-gravity energies for new modes of transport and so much more. He knew how to acquire and provide cost free energy for all the people’s of the world. He actually enlisted the backing of JP Morgan, the banking magnate to build a tower in Shoreham, NY to provide electrical energy. When Morgan discovered that Tesla was looking to provide the electricity for free, he withdrew his support and had the tower torn down. But for that act of greed and disdain for humanity on the part of JP Morgan, all the people of the world and all the businesses and corporations would today be enjoying free energy. The cost of everything would be substantially less and petroleum and the Middle East would not be a matter of economic and national security problems respectively.

Now, this same JP Morgan was one of the key banking magnates behind the creation of the Federal Reserve and we believe that it is way past the time for JP Morgan and his scions to be rewarded accordingly. We are calling for a complete boycott, a total cessation of business for all time with the JP Morgan Chase Banking Corporation. We are calling for a complete boycott of any and all organizations that continue to do business with them. Enough is enough!

We the People need to start somewhere to clean up this banking and economic mess that the powers that be have brought down upon us. The federal government continues to dance to a beat that is out of step with the needs and desires of the American people. The powers that be will scream blue hell that We the People are going to upset the precarious economic recovery they have going. Well, so be it. They have been systematically raping the American people for 100 years. It is over!

There are times when it is necessary to tear down in order to rebuild and this is one of those times. The majority of the American people know what has been going on and the rest will learn soon enough. Most of the majority though, have a problem accepting the reality of what they know because it is so heinous, vicious, evil and contrived that it cannot possibly be. Unfortunately it is and they will realize it soon enough.  

The fact is that it no longer matters what is. It only matters what ought to be. So, what is it that ought to be? What ought to be is that we need to create a new economy and we need to clean up the political system. We need to do that in order to facilitate a new social system; a new system based on an old idea, the idea of freedom, individual freedom, the freedom to be and to go; whoever, whatever, whenever. A society designed to facilitate the development and growth of every single individual; a society that permits every individual to be all that they can be. The United States of America will still be a constitutional democratic republic. Perhaps we really can create a society that is truly all for one and one for all; a highly moral and highly ethical society; something to strive for. So, in consideration of what ought to be done, here is what We the People are going to do.

First, we are going to create a new bank to serve strictly as the fiduciary agent for We the People. Ninety-two percent (92%) of this bank will be owned by We the People. The remaining 8% will be divided equally between two global charitable foundations to be determined with both foundations representing We the People. This bank will not be subject to any government rules or regulations. The ultimate objective of the bank is to provide for all of We the People’s entitlements.

Second, we revamp the economy. We accomplish this by creating a hybrid economy consisting of two new capitalist systems and we exercise some economic smarts:

  • We transform the existing capitalist system to Natural Capitalism. Business becomes the caretaker of the physical environment (planet Earth) according to a specific set of rules. This caretaking function represents new businesses and jobs. All natural resources of the United States belong to We the People and any and every entity that uses them must compensate We the People directly. Such monies shall be remitted to We the People’s new fiduciary agent.


  • We create a new Socio-Capitalist system. This is a capitalist system whose primary objective is to serve We the People. It begins with the creation of Market Groups and jobs. A Market Group is a coterie of small and mid-size businesses designed to facilitate the businesses in the Group by facilitating the employees of the businesses in the Group. It is completely symbiotic. Services rendered by the Market Group to companies within will also generate revenue for the Group. All monies collected by the Market Group in excess of operating expense will be passed to We the People’s fiduciary agent for and on behalf of We the People. All Market Groups will be owned 100% by the fiduciary agent and will be created based upon certain geographic boundaries. It is within this new Socio-Capitalist system that we will create a brand new Health / Wellness system (general specifications already at hand).


  • We re-institute the hemp industry. The planting and harvesting of hemp will be 100% owned and controlled by We the People through their new fiduciary agent. Four crops per year can be grown on fallow and otherwise useless land to be used to manufacture paper, textiles, rope, etc. This new industry of low cost, high quality products represents job, jobs and more jobs.


  • We make greater use of bamboo. It is inexpensive to produce as it grows like a weed. It is among the most durable of natural products and will reduce our reliance on wood from our ever shrinking forests. We are looking at a new growth industry and more jobs.


  • We build railroad spurs in and around the Bakken Formation to all the oil and gas wells for transport to refineries and distribution centers. This means even more jobs. American oil and gas will be exported only after American needs have been fulfilled. The cost to American consumers of these and related products will be substantially reduced as we will no longer be impacted by world markets. That game is over!


Third, we clean up the political system. We restructure the executive branch of the government; we resolve the election process; we clean up the judiciary, simplify the legal system and simplify our laws by the injection of common sense. We amend the constitution to facilitate the new path we will be following, to terminate all the perversions and to preclude them from ever happening again.

The plan is to create an agency outside of the government to be called the “Department of Transformation.”  The whole purpose of this Department is to engage the American people to work proactively to expand on and refine all of the above. The objective is to lay out a detailed blueprint of what We the People want the New America to look like; how We want it to work. The effort is going to take a lot of people with good minds, thinking outside the box to put it together. The key element is that in all thinking and in all ways of doing things, We the People are first and foremost. If you view the nation as a business, We are the customer and customer service is of primary importance. The federal government is nothing more than a facilities manager created to serve the needs of We the People. Having said that, the final act of the Department of Transformation will be to oversee the implementation of the New America.


 Copyright © 2012 by Sidney Skolnick

All Rights Reserved World wide






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